ELM327.Net | Elm327 Scan Tool Review | Elm327 bluetooth,Elm327 interface,bluetooth obd2

Published: 22nd November 2011
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ELM327.Net | Elm327 Scan Tool Review | Elm327 bluetooth,Elm327 interface,bluetooth obd2

OBD 2007 works with any ELM 327chipped scan tool or any scan tool powered by a chip that fully emulates all the AT commands of the ELM 327 chip. There are many manufacturers of Elm327 chipped scan tools, so theoretically we support any scan tool powered by an Elm327 chip.

However, we directly support the scan tools you see on our main page, because these companies have proved to both reliable and supportive. We are confident in recommending any of these scan tools because we have observed the quality of the products and can vouch that these scan tools are all made to the highest standards. We have also extensively tested each of these products with OBD 2007.

We have created a table of features comparing each of the scan tools we directly support. If you are new to OBDII scan tools or even an experienced user considering an additional scan tool, we hope the following table will highlight the various features of each scan tool to assist in your decision making.

Without doubt this scan tool is the “Rolls Royce” of the ELM 327 scan tools. The OBDPro scan tool is jammed packed full of innovative features as compared to the other Elm327 scan tools.

Specifically where the OBDPro shines is with the following 3 unique features

1.Support for very high speed baud rates.
2.Double buffered message queue.
3.Remote upgrade capability.
High Speed Baud Rates and Double Buffering
The first two features are primarily aimed at the high speed CAN protocol, the protocol used by all new vehicles manufactured since 2008. When the CAN protocol was first introduced in vehicles during 2004/05, many ELM 327 chipped scan tools suffered from BUFFER FULL messages, as a result of the high speed CAN networks of the vehicle over running the small internal buffer of the Elm327 chip. The OBDPro scan tool, overcame this limitation with its unique double buffer design, so that BUFFER FULL messages were eliminated even at low speed baud rates.

However, why use slow baud rates (9600 and 38,400 baud), when a USB port is capable of speeds of up to 2.0Mbits. The OBDPro scan tool in conjunction with OBD 2007 can exploit the very high speed baud rates of the OBDPro scan tool up to 4 times faster than the current Elm327 v1.3 chip. If you are seeking high speed performance, then the combination of OBDPro and OBD 2007 is the obvious choice.

Remote Upgrade Capability
This feature of OBDPro is truly unique. OBDPro is the only Elm327 type scan tool, which is remotely upgradable. Your scan tool investment is protected, because when any new firmware release is introduced, you have the ability to upgrade your scan tool, by running a free upgrade program from OBDPros, while your OBDPro scan tool is connected to your computer. Within a couple of seconds, your firmware is upgraded to the latest version, so your scan tool is always current.

To do the same thing with any other ELM 327 chipped scan tool requires purchasing a new chip (~$US32), waiting days or weeks for delivery, dismantling/assembling your scan tool, removing the old chip and replacing with the new chip. Removing and replacing the 28 pin Elm327 chip is not for the faint hearted. Just don’t break or bend one of those 28 pins.

OBDPros is the complete one stop shop – they design their own chip, plus build their scan tools.

OBDKey v1.3
OBDKey v1.3 is a brand new design from KBM Systems. It is an extremely compact design (64x45x24mm) about the size of a matchbox and is available in either USB or Bluetooth configurations. OBDKey maybe small, but it is very big on performance. It is easily the fastest scan tool we have ever tested.

OBDKey v1.3 Bluetooth paired with a Smartphone running our OBD 2007 for Pocket PC is an ideal combination for any workshop manager who may be required to test multiple vehicles quickly to determine workshop priorities. Slip it out of your pocket, plug it directly into the OBDII port and complete a test in seconds, absolutely no cables required.

Please note OBD 2007 is not compatible with versions of OBDKey prior to v1.3

This scan tool is powered by the Elm Electronics Elm327 v1.3 chip. The scan tool is very robust and very reliable and the company have been producing OBDII scan tools for many years, so they have a proven track record in this market.

The ELM 327 chip has evolved from the earlier Elm32x series of chips. As a software developer, I always think that maybe the Elm chip has reached the end of its useful life, but the clever engineers at Elm Electronics always continue to amaze me with the innovations they keep making to this chip. The v1.3 was no exception with the improvements they made for the CAN protocol. For the full description of all the details, see our Latest News page.

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